• Mangalam CBSE

    The school aims at value-quality based education with the special emphasis on personality development. Character formation and academic excellence. The school gives individual attention to students. Tutorial system and micro teaching are our unique features.

  • Digital Theatre

    We have a well equipped digital theater in our campus. We conduct seminars, presentations for students about life and learning. The 144 seat capacity, fully air conditioned theatre not only have international standards in ambience.but […]

  • _ip02760

    The window to the outer world “Computer Lab” is well furnished and has all amenities and gadgets. Students’ can easily access for any learning purposes.  It enables students to access the web and learn together. Wi-Fi […]

  • Drama

    As an art form its influence in its audience is immense. We prepare our students to use this art form and exercise it to create awareness among the public on various social issues. We deal […]

  • Hostel

    Hostel facilities are available for girls in Mangalam Campus premises itself. About 200 Students are now staying in the hostel from various departments. A chapel for worship, a mess hall etc are available for them.