Health Club
Snack Bar
Digital Theatre
Computer Lab


Hostel facilities are available for  both boys and girls in Mangalam Campus premises itself. Options for AC and non AC rooms are available.A chapel for worship, a mess hall etc are available for them.


We have an excellent health club with a main workout area, which primarily consists of free weights including dumbbells, barbells and exercise machines. This facility is entirely for students and the main aim of this facility is to increase the health consciousness among students and equip them with an attractive physic and with sound personality. Workouts at Health club are monitored by the experts in that area.


An ATM is functioning in our campus. Students and teachers can use the service at anytime. It helps to avoid excess carriage of money in hand and can increase safety.


Healthy food promotes healthy life, which makes learning an easy task. The two snacks bar situated at the campus premises ensure the students’ health as it is highly hygienic.  We serve Kerala’s traditional snacks prepared by our expert cooks. Students and faculties really enjoy our food and this is the most sought after location for relaxing.


A book can change a man also a nation. We do promote reading among our students in spite of all digitalization processes. We make sure students do ample reading and have very good ambience in library. We help students to do group work and to refer books for preparing projects and notes. More than 2000 books are available in our library. Also we do give digital library facility in our computer lab, where students can access above 1 lakh books available in digital form for reference on various topics. We make sure that students use this facility and learn through this.


We have a well equipped digital theater in our campus. We conduct seminars, presentations for students about life and learning. The 144 seat capacity, fully air conditioned theatre not only have international standards in ambience but also have all the amenities to conduct video conferencing, and virtual teaching. Here we train students on soft- skill aspects and prepare them to face the audience in a modern hi–fi environment.


The window to the outer world “Computer Lab” is well furnished and has all amenities and gadgets. Students’ can easily access for any learning purposes.  It enables students to access the web and learn together.


Wi-Fi of 30 Mbps bandwidth facility is available throughout the campus. Student can access internet from anywhere in the campus, which make the learning an easy task.